The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.

One leg of the Memoir Tours table is supported by our commitment to beautiful, delicious, body- and soul-nourishing food. The quality of raw ingredients in Ireland is second to none so we’re one leg up on our dedication to exceptional food on the Memoir Tour.

Quality ingredients alone do not a delicious meal make. Creating magnificent meals requires expertise with the whisk, the pan and the oven, the mixer, the scale and the timer; recognizing and holding high standards, honoring the source, choosing foods wisely, and preparing them with no small amount of love and respect…for food, for sharing a great meal, for the others gathered around the table.

In each of the above, Paula Austin–Master Chef/Baker–excels. We feel so fortunate to be included in her realm of friends and admirers, we have a fond memory collection from enjoying half a dozen of her stellar pop-ups around Portland, having dined at her home table and having been nourished by her brilliant creations on Memoir Tours: Ireland. Paula is the real deal; for those who appreciate nuances as well as bold flavors and for those who are truly drawn to love-infused cooking/baking, she wields the Golden Spatula.

Here’s the best news yet: Paula is back! She will join Memoir Tours: Ireland this fall to dazzle us with fresh-baked breads, tea time treats and beautiful meals featuring locally-sourced produce, dairy, eggs, seafood, grass-raised meats. We are already anticipating the fondest of fond memories being generated as we gather around the Memoir Tours meals lovingly prepared by Paula Austin.

There is still room at our September table; won’t you join us?