ink & peat podcast / episode 19


Kim Stafford is a writer in Oregon who uses writing as a means to raise the human spirit. He has done so through the creation of a vast collection of poems, books, classes, workshops, and readings around Oregon and the globe. The Northwest Writing Institute and Fishtrap Writers Gathering were inspired by and created through Kim’s commitment to the craft of writing as an essential part of human experience. He was honored in 2018 as Oregon’s 9th Poet Laureate in recognition of his contributions, and for the encouragement and invitation he extends to each of us to write.

Kim talks with us in ink & peat episode 19 about Eloquent Listening — a concept he explores in his 2003 book, The Muses Among Us. Now, as then, Kim suggests that listening is an essential component of writing and that through eloquent listening and the writing that results, we can open ourselves to greater understanding, healing, and appreciation of being.

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