Write Your Story in Ireland

Treat yourself to an unforgettable writing retreat in County Mayo

The Wonder of Ireland

There’s something about Ireland, a magic held in this place where a different rule of time applies. Where doing things slowly is better than doing them fast. Where tall stories and truth blend seamlessly. Where awakening the muse unfolds gently, coaxed into being by the landscape, the people, the stories, and song.

The Tour

Each day we guide you further along the journey of writing your memoir, whether you are just beginning, putting on the finishing touches or ready to publish. From morning meditation and yoga, walks over untamed, wild landscape, exploring ancient ruins to quiet writing time and individual tutoring sessions, Memoir Tours supports your every step. 

Together we share laughter and stories over table-filled feasts and fireside conversation. Our team pays special attention to supporting the flow of quiet reflection and writing.

“Ireland’s charming scenery, fascinating history, delicious food and vibrant culture will inspire every facet of your soul.”


Memoir Tours Owner & Guide

Travel Details

When booking your flights please be certain that you or your travel agent follow the guidelines for arrival and departure days and times. You may wish to arrive earlier for a longer Dublin experience; to enjoy the city and recover from jet-lag. Some folks add on a few extra days in Dublin before flying home. Please do not buy your airfare until we confirm with you that the spaces have been sold and the tour is officially on. 


You will fly into Dublin airport and take a train from Heuston Station to Ballina, County Mayo. We will assist in booking your train ticket, letting you know what train to book and send you an online link for convenient ticket purchase. We will collect you at the Ballina train station at your scheduled arrival time. 


At the end of the tour, we will transport you to the Ballina Station, where you will take a train to Dublin’s Heuston Station. If you are flying out of Dublin, you must book a flight that departs in the late afternoon or evening. Plan to take a bus or taxi from the train station to Dublin airport.