“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”  ~Anonymous

Beautiful, delicious, body-and-soul nourishing food supports good writing. At least, that’s a guiding belief of Memoir Tours. Gather exceptional ingredients, put them in the hands of an expert and loving chef, and prepare to enjoy a feast for all the senses. How better to fuel the Muse?

Ireland boasts a richness of raw ingredients second to none. Those in the know say it’s the lush grasses of Ireland that make it so. That said, quality ingredients alone do not a delicious meal make. Creating magnificent meals requires expertise with the whisk, the pan and the oven, the mixer, the scale and the timer; recognizing and holding high standards, honoring the source, choosing foods wisely, and preparing them with no small amount of love and respect…for food, for sharing a great meal, for the others gathered around the table.

In each of the above, Master Chef and Baker, Paula Austin, excels. She is the real deal; for those who appreciate nuance as well as bold flavors and for those who are truly drawn to love-infused cooking and baking, she wields the Golden Spatula. Here’s the best news yet: Paula has shared a few of her delicious Irish recipes with us and we’re giving them away for free!



Get a free copy of From Our Table to Yours | A Collection of Authentic Irish Recipes and taste the magic of traditional Irish cuisine.