ink & peat podcast / episode 01


We have a podcast!   Introducing ~ ink & peat

Yes, it’s true. We’re thrilled to launch our Memoir Tours podcast.  Bios and photos are lovely — and necessary. But we’d like you to get to know and learn from our guides, authors, tutors, and hosts in a more personal way. What better way than to listen in on a conversation with them?

On our podcast, ink & peat, we host half-hour conversations and find out a little more about our guides — where they’ve been, what inspires them, what’s on their nightstands… all via their lovely voices coming into your car, computer or earbuds. Topics may vary from guest to guest, but you can be sure to hear about writing, memoir, Ireland, and stories to inspire your creativity. We’re excited to get this idea off the wishlist and into the airwaves.

New podcasts will be posted with each bi-weekly Memoir Tours newsletter. Future guests include writers Carol Raphael, Helen Falconer, and Kate Kerrigan, naturalist Denis Quinn and beloved visionary, Liz Keane. Archived podcasts will be accessible via Memoir Tours blog page and on iTunes.

For our first episode, Craig talks with psychotherapist and dream advocate, Kathleen Duffy.   Kathleen is the author of Awaken to the Wisdom of Your Dreams: Mirrors in the River, and is a dear friend and one of our featured presenters on Memoir Tours. Kathleen is an expert on dreams and how they can be used to inform our waking hours. Listening to her is inspiring and helps us mine the psyche for great insights, which in turn is useful for bringing context to writing. Awakening to the wisdom of Kathleen’s dream expertise is one of the highly anticipated sessions on Memoir Tours. Listen to the podcast and you will understand why we’re excited to have Kathleen back in the presenter’s chair on our upcoming fall retreat. Sweet dreams!


ink and peat  ~ episode  #1:  Awaken to the Wisdom of your Dreams, with Kathleen Duffy