ink & peat podcast / episode 15


Sharing stories can shorten the social distance between humans, no matter how far apart.

Listening to writers read their work before the hearth in Cottage 4 calls us to the Memoir Tours retreat as much as anything. Think Open-Mic with a peat fire ablaze, cup of tea or glass of wine in hand, listening to stories. Stories of how we got here, what we learned along the way, and maybe what we left behind. The stories are as diverse as the people that bring them, though each is a celebration of the human spirit, of what it means to be present and accounted for.

To give you a sampling of a Memoir Tours evening before the hearth, we created ink & peat Episode 15, in which Barb reads a lovely account of her father and how his passion for raising flowers transformed her life, and Craig recounts one of his more memorable teaching moments.