Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained. ~Thomas M. Cirignano

The three months we spent last fall in Killala, Co. Mayo became a renewing blend of days and nights cozied up before the turf fire, doing those things we had imagined and that we love best ~ reading stacks of books, writing letters, short stories and songs, singing, chatting with new dear friends over tea or something stronger, talking ~ interspersed with belly laughs and tears ~ about the lessons of the past and scheming about how we’d like to spend the remainder of our days. In this ideal setting we planted seeds for Memoir Tours: Ireland; which, after research, more stacks of books, and shooting emails back and forth across the Atlantic and around the States, we are delighted to announce, have begun to sprout.

You have a story. Maybe it’s been on your bucket list to write about that time when; maybe you want to write about parts of your childhood or parenthood to share with your family or write about your experience of cancer, or you want to write about the challenges of growing up in the rural South or the joys of spending the most thrilling week of your life in New York City…it’s your story and you choose which blank to fill in and how.

But maybe something is holding you back:

  • You simply can’t find the time.
  • You don’t know where to begin.
  • You started but hit a wall.
  • You’ve written your story, but want some input from an editor or published writer.

If any of the above sound familiar, consider this. We have created a 10-day memoir writing retreat in the West of Ireland that supports you through:

  • How-to and why-to writing presentations
  • Individual tutoring sessions from professional authors
  • Tips on publishing from published writers
  • Storytelling to entertain and release your muse
  • Sharing ideas and stories around the turf fire with like-minded writers
  • Providing you with the tools and environment to write
  • Serving you beautiful food lovingly prepared
  • Yoga and meditation options to begin your day
  • Guided walks among some of the West of Ireland’s least traveled and most breathtaking landscapes
  • Honoring your story, your voice, your legacy

Why Ireland? We chose Killala, County Mayo, in the West of Ireland for three main reasons among many:

  • The Irish cultivate a centuries-old appreciation of language and writing; you can nearly feel it when you step off the plane. You will be in the land of Yeats, O’Brien, Shaw, Enright, Doyle, C.S. Lewis, Beckett, Heaney, Joyce…the list goes on and on.
  • Killala, though off the beaten path ~ or maybe because it is off the beaten path ~ is the center of creative energies past and present, a place many writers and historians call home.
  • There is no other place in our experience where we have felt as held by the magic that is Ireland ~ its landscape, people and echoes of the past waiting to be heard again.

The great memoir writers and teachers suggest that it is through writing one’s memoir and reading others’ that we gain clarity, insight, understanding, and appreciation of our most precious gift of life. We agree.

Come join us on a journey of a lifetime, to write the story of your lifetime.