ink & peat podcast / episode 04


Many aspects of writing demand courage — overcoming resistance and feelings of inadequacy are two that top my list. Add to these the vulnerability we often subject ourselves to, especially when writing memoir, and we can find ourselves paralyzed, staring into an abyss of unstarted or unfinished projects, or both. Projects, when shared, can be transformative for both writer and reader…meaning, they deserve to see the light of day.

Working with editor Helen Falconer gives you the tools to slay monsters lurking around your keyboard or notebook. With a lifetime of experience writing and editing — from poems as a four-year-old to an editing career at the Guardian to crafting five of her own novels to date — Helen guides people and builds courage in those bold enough to attempt to write.

We first met Helen at The Village Inn in Killala a couple of years ago and raised a glass or two on multiple occasions with mutual friends. Since then, she has become a guiding voice in our humble writing operation, having offered her wisdom on a first draft and lending her support to turning Memoir Tours into a writing retreat that ups your game.

Through the miracle of Skype and a decent internet connection, Craig and Helen reconnected in conversation. The podcast holds vintage nuggets of Helen’s wisdom about writing, editing, memoir, and the benefits of surrounding yourself with other writers.