At last! We are packing our suitcases, soon to be Ireland bound. There is no turning beyond this point. We like to pack our suitcases–it means we are on our way. Traveling light is a challenge we choose to embrace, opting for comfort and function while maintaining Carry-On Only status.

Even so, our packing list would be incomplete without the “must-haves” for raising the travel experience a notch. Oprah has her “favorite things” and so do we. Three local Portland products that we are particularly fond of: GirlBands headwear, Real Food Bars from Betsy’s Best Bar None, and greeting cards from Stonehenge Studios–all fit perfectly in our compact suitcases. GirlBands (a Bandito for Craig) fashionably keep our heads or necks cozy and function as an eye mask on the plane; Betsy’s Real Food Bars provide a healthy alternative to fast food offered in airports; stunningly gorgeous greeting and thank you cards from Stonehenge Designs are perfect leave behinds for B&B hosts or new friends we make along the way. Big thank you’s to each of the brilliant women who created these products and who have supported us in building the Memoir Tours: Carolyn Holman–GirlBands; Betsy Langton–Betsy’s Best Bar None; Jacquie Jones and Sarah Vandervoort of Stonehenge Designs…quality products from class acts.

Back to packing. Holding our breath we won’t need to sit on our suitcases to zip them shut!

Thanks to all of you for your support on our maiden Eire Retour voyage! Follow us on Instagram at #eireretour ~ we’ll have wonderful photos to share with you! We love knowing you’re traveling with us virtually.

And to all of you who will be joining us in Ireland ~ we’ll see you in Shannon on May 3rd!