You have a story. You have a story waiting for the telling. It may be something as fundamentally human as your memories of learning to ride a bike, or something as life-changing as coping with the death of a loved one, or anything in between that strikes a chord. What is true is that writing and telling your story can inspire others, can open hearts and minds, and~perhaps most important ~ it can serve to shed light and understanding on your life experience.

Maybe you want to write your story but don’t know how to start. Maybe you’ve hit a wall in the telling. Maybe you lack confidence or wherewithal to write it down or simply can’t find the time to make it happen. Maybe you could use a healthy dose of inspiration to get your story out.

At Memoir Tours: Ireland we help you access your story, we help you find the starting point, get you over the wall, build your writer’s confidence; we carve out the time for you to create, to write, to tell your story. Tutoring from professional authors and editors will provide you with connections and experiences that inspire, that awaken the muse ~ your muse ~ to share in the telling of your story.

But, why Ireland?

Ireland ~ with its long and vibrant tradition of being home to some of the world’s most influential poets, playwrights, authors and songwriters~provides the perfect setting in which to access your memoir. From cozying up within the walls of your Irish cottage to being smitten by the vast, unrivaled beauty of the Mayo landscape, in Killala, inspiration comes with the territory. The love of language, storytelling, the written and spoken word, all thrive here; you can’t help but feel encouraged to tell your story.

We chose Killala, County Mayo, Ireland as home for the Memoir Tours writing retreat because it supports all the choice requirements for those who want to write ~ a cadre of local published authors willing to share their expertise, comfortable cottages with well-stocked kitchens, private writing spaces supplied with tools of the trade, gorgeous landscape on the Wild Atlantic Way for inspiration, and a village pace where the shorebirds offer the only calls you may choose to take.

Believe in the power of story~your story~to make a difference…for you, for your family, friends and for the greater good. Come join us and write the stories of your lifetime, while having the time of your life.