“Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”   ~Terry Tempest Williams

Denis Quinn embodies the wildness of the Co Mayo landscape. He is the sea, the cliffs, the turf and the spirit of this place. There is no separation. He lives and breathes this place.

Spending time with Denis and his wife Una is as good as it gets. Our sides hurt for days after a morning with the two of them, laughing till tears ran down our cheeks. Over tea, we plotted ideas for where and how Denis would guide our group in September. From walking the cliffs to foraging for a dinner feast, we covered it all and put plans in place. There is great fun in store! And, I’m willing to bet…a good bit of magic awaiting us, too.

Each of us, deep inside, longs to be reconnected with the nature that shaped us. To know we are not separate from the language of our imagination and dance of our heart. Being in nature awakens the eternal within us. We feel the presence of an infinite thread connecting us to a divine mystery; a lifeline holding us in its orbit.

From this place there is no separation, only connectedness, and presence. To live from the wildness of belonging, to feel the eternal essence that is our lifeline, here we are free. To love, to laugh, to know joy.

So, Denis will bring his wildness and we will awaken ours as we trek across the landscape and wade into the waters and later dance into the night as we feast and celebrate being together. Each of us held in the presence of belonging.