At Memoir Tours: Ireland we help bring your unique story to life, guided by professional writers and editors, in a setting that has inspired generations of Irish writers — the wild landscape, steady Atlantic breezes, holy wells, turf fires in traditional Irish cottages, tea–or something stronger, lively conversation and music in the local village pubs.

Each of us holds a rich history of events that have shaped our views, our relationships, our understanding of life and its mysteries. We learn from each other’s stories — maybe to see things in a different light, maybe to be inspired, maybe to be grateful for all we have.

Yes, each of us has a story to tell and the world is a better place for the telling.

What’s holding you back?

So, what holds us back from writing our stories? Here are three of the reasons we hear most frequently:

  • I don’t have the time.
  • I don’t know how to write.
  • I have nothing special to say.

On Memoir Tours we help you lay these obstacles to rest. Here’s how.

I don’t have the time.

Often claiming a lack of time is really saying something else, like I’d rather fill my time with other things because (fill in the blank) is too hard, too stressful, feels too much like work…I’m afraid to fail.

By joining us on a Memoir Tour you take a giant step toward giving yourself the gift of time to delve into your story. Through daily sessions devoted to bringing your story to light, group readings, and individual tutoring with a professional writer, you will find ways to make, use and enjoy your time fully, crafting your story. You may even find your relationship to time and writing will shift for the better as a result of the tour.

I don’t know how to write.

We improve writing skills through guidance, practice, reading, sharing, opening ourselves to the muse…and writing. The professional writers on Memoir Tours provide you with support to find your voice, deepen your skills at writing, and teach you tools of the trade. It’s remarkable what a little support can do to help build confidence. We welcome all people regardless of writing history or perceived ability. You will leave Memoir Tours with confidence — new or renewed — in your writing skill.

I have nothing special to say.

Everyone has a story worthy of the telling. And each person’s unique experience on this planet  — and how they view that experience — can be shared to inform, enlighten, educate, help the rest of us appreciate the human way of being. A memoir is a tool to share wisdom and insights — a treasured legacy for the family.

It’s the simple things that can evoke the deepest emotions…a hat your mother wore, a photo of you and your father fishing, a simple vase of flowers in a cottage window. What matters is your perception coming into alignment with your experience. Our professional staff helps you mine your rich past for the gems of perception that shine, that make your story special.